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Abrasion Resistant Plate (Made in Qatar)

Abrasion Resistant Plate (Made in Qatar)- Chromium Carbide Plates (QDP)Qatar Technical International Metal Industries (Special Protection plate) is the only Wear resistant composite Wear Plate [QDP] exclusively manufactured in the State of Qatar using Chromium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide cladding endured with advanced technology and technical know-how collaboration.

chromium carbid plate.jpg

• Reduce maintenance costs by extending service life cycles of protected surfaces


• Wear Resistant Plates lead to longer maintenance intervals for heavy production.


• Conserve resources and protect the environment with exchangeable liner Wear Plate (QDP), to suit various applications.


Standard Plate Dimensions

Normal Weld Clad Area: 1,220mm x 2,750mm

Backing Plate: 1,500mm x 3,000mm

Customized sizes are also available

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